Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something For Your Tired Damaged Feet

My daughter likes to walk barefoot around the house.  She's flat footed and she stomps and jumps like it doesn't hurt her.  I tried what she does and ouch!  She doesn' t really care or doesn't hve a clear concept of pain.  She's just a jumpy girl and you can't stop her!  Because of her carelessness her soles suffered a lot.  Cracked heels and callouses everywhere.  I can't even imagine how it got that way but I m not surprised her feet does really take a lot of beating from her.  Plus the fact that the cool weather does contribute for our skin to get really chapped and dry.   I am glad Watson's gave me the Le Couvent Des Minimes gift pack for Christmas and it included the Hiker's Foot Healer in it.  I've been using it on my daughter's feet since then and I see the wonderful effect it does on her foot.  Here are the 5 Things To Love About The Le Couvent Des Minimes Hiker’s Foot Healer – A Review.

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