Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Beauty Product of 2012

I've tried and tested beauty products more than the average mom.  Some would think I don't have brand loyalty.  Some would think I'm unethical for using competitor brands from the other.  Here's what I say.   How could you be objective in your product reviews if you never tried the other brand or competitor brand? How can you say that your brand is better than the other brand if you haven't even dared touch the other one you said wasn't good.   Before you can say you are unbiased and objective you should have a point of comparison   Compare facts by trying it personally and not just rely on reviews by others or your own personal bias of a product or company.    Here are some makeup products from different brands that I believe needs proper recognition.   Earthlingorgeous.com Best of 2012 Beauty Awards are highly recommended makeup/beauty products as tried by the author personally.

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