Saturday, January 26, 2013

Affordable ShapeWear from Lady Grace Intimates

I always thought expensive is always the best when it comes to undergarments.  In fact, I never bought an underwear that is not a well-known brand so when I was invited at the Lady Grace Intimates: An Intimate Event with Diana Meneses I didn't know what to expect but that the fact about the new endorser and about the underwear.  I did not expect that this brand was 50 years in the business already and that they have super affordable shapewear that is comfy and snug and quality is just amazing!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm Not A Fan Of The Starbucks Planner. Period!

Let me tell you a story about a  Starbucks counter girl who was so  tactless and quickly judge me in just a few minutes after taking my order of a simple Grande Pepermint Mocha and a doughnut and I declined her offer for a sticker to collect so I can get my hands on the so-called "most coveted" planner in the country.  Duh!

Starbucks Counter Girl (SCG): Ma'am do you collect stickers?
Me: No.
SCG:  Why ma'am you are not a fan of our planners?  Or you don't plan?
Me: What?
SGC: Hehe!
Me:  No. I use digital planners because I'm an environmentalist. Stoopid! (no, I didn't say stoopid out loud but I wish I did!)
SGC: Oh! (and she went on talking about their planner that people rave so much about it everyone wants to have it bla bla and that she will still give me a collect a sticker card in case I change my mind)

Stoopid girl. If she was not pregnant and I was in a bad mood. She would have heard from me or have experienced the same as that Lady Guard and that Amalayer Girl.  Good for her I was in a good mood and I don't want to stoop to her level, so I let her pass.

This incident happened at Starbucks Fully Booked at Fort Bonifacio Global City in High Street Taguig.   This happened in December 2012 and the girl had short hair and was pregnant then, I dunno if she gave birth now o is on leave .  While being chatty with the customers is good, counter people should also be mindful of what they say because sometimes they can be really tactless and offensive.


Planners, Planners, Everywhere but do you actually bring it everywhere you go, fill it up and use the coupons inside?

There are a hundred of types of planners out there.  Each end of the year, every cafe, store, banks, etc. have one to give to their customers or as collectibles.  While they all look cute.  Most of them are too bulky to be carried around anywhere you go.  

Why would I actually need a heavy and bulky planner when I have my Galaxy Tab, and my HTC Phone with me where I can write down my events and plans for the day.  It is most convenient as it can alert me of a schedule I have a day, an hour or a minute before it happens.  A paper back bulky planner does not have that feature.

I also like to have my planner personalized as I can.  In fact I used to make my own planner.  Handmade and crafted with love.  I'm artsy like that.

But now that I am practicing to recycle and waste too much paper or plastic, I decided not to make those planners anymore or collect one for they will just collect dust on my book shelf or table.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Refrigirator Maintenance

I'm sure most of you experienced overstocking your refrigirators last Christmas with left over meals and other food products. Admit it or not, our refs are often neglected and some food are left in there until they are rotten and full of mildew.   It happens when we are too busy with other chores and always put cleaning the fridge for the other day when we are not too busy.

I have to admit my fridge had suffered a lot of damages because of carelessness.  The glass compartment separating the vegetable broke and well, I don't know where to find parts for it so I let it be.    I'm now looking at frigidaire refrigerator parts in this accessories site of frigidaire but haven't seen he part I needed.   However, I found some fridge accessories that I can use with my ref like the odor control disk that will ease out those unpleasant smell from the forgotten foods I store inside.   I am also interested with the touch up-pen that comes in four colors, silver, white, black and glacier that will hide all the scratch on the surfaces easily without having to ask for a whole body repaint! Isn't that convenient!  I'm also interested with that Pure Air carbon filter to control the unpleasant smell in the fridge.

Aside from these accessories they also have dairy covers, ice trays, wine racks that can comes in all sizes and will fit all types of fridge size.

The site is very user friendly, they have the buying guide so you can get the right size and specifications you needed for your fridgidaire!

Aside from refs they also products for washing machine, freezers and other kitchen and laundry furnishings and machines.  Problem is they are only available in US, Canada and Mexico!  Which will make me go to my nearest hardware store of refs and aircondition center to find parts I needed..

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Join Earthlingorgeous 5th Blogversary Dream Makeover Giveaway!

Earthlingorgeous 5th Blogversary Dream Makeover Giveaway!  3 winners will experience a full makeover with new hairdo, new outfit, makeup makeover, and a spa treat! 2 winners will win  a hair and makeup makeover with Tony Galvez!  3 bloggers who will blog about the contest will get a beauty loot from the makeover sponsors L'Oreal Paris Philippines, Shu Uemura Philippines, Lancome Philippines, Estee Lauder Philippines and Adore and Aqua Fragrances!  

Sunday, January 6, 2013

HELP! An Appeal To Give This New Born Baby Boy A Chance To Live

The situation is really heart breking.  A new born child needs an OPEN HEART surgery as early as possible.  The mother, who is a blogger friend would like to ask for help to those who have something to spare and share.  Any help you can will be very much appreciated.   An angel needs our help.  May the good Lord bless all those who can help.  Thank you so much! HELP! An Appeal To Give This New Born Baby Boy A Chance To Live

Friday, January 4, 2013

SM North EDSA End of Season Sale!

Planning to update your look and your kids wardrobe? Well, head on to SM North EDSA End of Season Sale which starts today January 4, 2013- January 13, 2013! Up to 70% off on selected items from fashion brands, beauty products, shoes, bags, and more!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something For Your Tired Damaged Feet

My daughter likes to walk barefoot around the house.  She's flat footed and she stomps and jumps like it doesn't hurt her.  I tried what she does and ouch!  She doesn' t really care or doesn't hve a clear concept of pain.  She's just a jumpy girl and you can't stop her!  Because of her carelessness her soles suffered a lot.  Cracked heels and callouses everywhere.  I can't even imagine how it got that way but I m not surprised her feet does really take a lot of beating from her.  Plus the fact that the cool weather does contribute for our skin to get really chapped and dry.   I am glad Watson's gave me the Le Couvent Des Minimes gift pack for Christmas and it included the Hiker's Foot Healer in it.  I've been using it on my daughter's feet since then and I see the wonderful effect it does on her foot.  Here are the 5 Things To Love About The Le Couvent Des Minimes Hiker’s Foot Healer – A Review.