Friday, September 24, 2010

Amenia Awareness And Pregnancy Conference Invite

Dear Mommies,

A special press briefing on Anemia and Pregnancy entitled "Towards a Healthy Madonna and Child", will be conducted by Dr. Nils Milman from Denmark. Dr. Milman has written over 100 papers on Anemia, and has done extensive research on the subject, particularly its effects on pregnant women. The Perinatal Association of the Philippines invited Dr. Milman here from Denmark, to raise awareness on Anemia and Pregnancy, as it is a very real and very serious health concern that affects an alarming number of women, particularly pregnant ones.

Dr. Milman will lay down the latest cold hard facts and statistics on Anaemia and Pregnancy, show you why the disease cannot be taken lightly, and give expert advice on its prevention and treatment.  If you want to attend please post comments here.  Please post interest until 12NN Sunday, September 26,2010 so I can forward your names to the invitee.  Conference will be held on Monday Sept. 27, 2010 10AM to 12NN at Crown Plaza. (Please wait for my email for confirmation. Thank you!)

Anemia Facts:

In the Philippines, The WHO reports that 42% of Filipino women of reproductive age suffer from Anemia, while 44% of pregnant women suffer from the affliction. The number of women who suffer from Anemia in South East Asia has been on the decline over the last 10 years, but the decline has not been fast or steady, which is why there are now more efforts to raise awareness on the disease.

Anemia is a disease many are familiar with; the word anemic has become virtually synonymous to weak or frail. Anemia is closely linked to Leukemia, which is one of the deadliest forms of cancer. Anemia’s most common visible symptoms are the reason it has become another word for weakness. Women who are anemic often experience diminished physical capacity, fatigue, dizziness, palpitations and irregular menstrual periods.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sustagen Jr. And AlactaGrow Recall

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered a pull-out of Sustagen Jr. and AlactaGrow milk products in the market because of some technical compliance issues ergo the milk products by Mead Johnsons is said to be unsafe for public use.

The Philippine FDA asked for the recall and removal of its current supplies of Sustagen Jr. and AlactaGrow from distribution and sales because allegedly the fat content in the said products were below the new standard listed in the revised CODEX Standards for Follow-Up Formula.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mommy Bloggers Club Event @ Spoiled!

I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for all the moms who were able to attend the 1st Mommy Bloggers Club event at Spoiled! Store in Ortigas.

It was a pleasure to see moms who enjoyed seeing new things in maternity and nursing wear that I wish were available when I was pregnant and nursing more than 8 years ago.

Among the products that caught my eyes include the following:

The ingenious Hands Free Pumping Bra for busy nursing moms who breast feed. They can wear the bra, pump breast milk and do whatever they need to do that needs both hands like blogging, eating etc.

Hands Free Pumping Bra

The PSI Band is perfect for those who are in the first semester of their pregnancy as it aids in relief of being nauseous because of morning sickness or even motion sickness because of travelling.

PSI Bands

If you can't get daddy to carry the colorful cartoonish diaper bag worry no more, Spoiled! invented this multi-purpose stylish Boxy Backpack diaper bag can double as a changing station and a messenger bag. Daddy won't ever have to complain about carrying the diaper bag anymore!

Spoiled! Boxy Backpack
Funfy showing the Spoiled Boxy Backback

Babies will fall asleep soundly even when travelling with the Sleep Sheep On The Go. It has different white noises to calm babies and even mommies as well!

Sleep Sheep On The Go

But the most fun part of the event was when our Mommy Bloggers Club members kids had fun modeling the Motion Wear Clothes from Spoiled!

Sati, Adee and Jed in Motion Wear

Jed and Adee practicing their modeling skills :D

Adee and Jed

Adee, daughter of Leirs of Mushings

Adee in Motion Wear
Adee in Motion Wear
Adee wearing Motion Wear

Sati, daughter of Pehpot of Make Or Break among many other blogs :D

Sati in Motion Wear
Sati wearing Motion Wear
Sati wearing Motion Wear

Jed, son of Jenni of Marriage and Beyond among many other blogs too :)
Jed wearing motion wear
Jed wearing Motion Wear for kids

The kids were able to take home whatever they are wearing! :)

Pephot also modeled some of the nursing wear. The black dress and the green top.
Pehpot wearing a black Nursing Wear
Pehpot wearing the Spoiled! Nursing wear, Sati and Jed wearing the Motion Wear

Funfy, owner of Spoiled! was also wearing a black top nursing wear, it looks oh so stylish it didn't look like it was a nursing wear!
Funfy wearing a black blouse nursing wear

Thanks to all the mommies who were able to make it for the 1st Mommy Bloggers Club event at Spoiled! Store, God Bless us for more events for us to come!

Mommy Bloggers Club Members @ Spoiled!

Spoiled! Mommy Bloggers Club event

To read more more about the event read Earthlingorgeous.com post about her Gorgeous Finds @ Spoiled Maternity, Nursing and Baby Wear.

You can also like Spoiled! Store on Facebook to see more of their product offerings.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Moms You Deserve A Break

Being a mom is a fulfilling calling.  We take care of our kids and even our partners but forget to take care of ourself sometimes. Did you know that taking a break from your mommy duties makes you a better mom than not taking a break at all? Why? Because this relieves you of your tension and stresses at home and seriously makes you miss your daily routine after.  I wish I can offer more to give away but for now try your luck in winning a day of pampering at Makati Wellness Spa by joining Earthlingorgeous.com contest.  After all you deserve a break.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st Mommy Bloggers Club Event Slated

I'm so happy to announce that our first official Mommy Bloggers Club event is slated.  It will be a fashion show that will involve the kids of some of our Mommy Blogger Club members.

The show will feature Spoiled! diaper bags, nursing wear and nursing bib and Motion Wear clothes and shoes.

To give you an idea of the store and the clothes here's some pictures:

We've pre-selected those who will attend the event and only those who reply before Wednesday this week are invited to come.

Rest assured there will be more events for all Mommy Bloggers Club members and a lot of giveaways and products for review.  Please make sure to fill-up the membership sign-up  form and if its not too much may we ask you to grab our Mommy Bloggers Club badge that can be found at the sidebar on the top right side.  Members list are listed at the sidebar.

Like Spoiled! Facebook Page here.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Moms Meet The New Avon Baby

The company that's been known to take care of women will now also take care of our babies.  Just this week, Avon launched its new product line, the Avon Baby.

The Avon Baby line is a product line dedicated to take care of our precious children during their bath time, play time and sleep time.

The Baby Soothing Oil is meant for use before bath and before bed time.  Massage it onto baby's skin and it gives a soothing effect.  What's great is its non-greasy and smells real good.

The Tear Free Head-To-Toe Wash is great for bath time.  It has a nice scent non-irritating and won't leave the baby's skin dry.  

Avon Baby will have a nice surprise for everyone watch out on September 16, 2010.

The Moisturing Lotion will keep the babies skin moisturize, soft and smooth without the greasy feeling.