Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mob Busts in New York

I'm glad that I haven't met a mob family in my entire life and wish not to meet any at all. I particularly don't know how mobs work but in the US they are able to compile data regarding the numbers and names of the mobs they busted in the recent years. Pretty interesting details I think you might find interesting.

Alcohol Use

My mother has been suffering from what seems to be gout or ar thritist. Its hard to tell which because when she take medicines meant for relieving arthritist pains she gets better. Don't get me wrong she is not self-medicating or sorts, we took her to a specialist already and this doctor restricted my mom from eating almost everything she likes and we were left with very limited food choices for her Anyway, while doing a research about which food she can eat and which she could not, we bumped intpo an information that alcohol is good for people suffering from gout or arthritist. My mom barely drinks so I don't see her wanting to start now. I think she is one of the 50% who never had a drink. Here are the statistics found by infographics regarding alcohol use.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How Can You Tell If Your Child Is Ready For School?

As moms we are excited to see our kids go to school but sometimes the kids aren't. How can you your child is ready or just needs more time at a playgrpund to socialize.

Here are some checklist you can use if the child is ready for school and have the sociial skills to last the school year, the more yes you answer the more your child is prepared and ready for school!

1) Can you leave your child without the child being overly upset?
2) Can your child spend extended periods of time away from you?
3) Can you see your child explore and tries new things?
4) Is your child seem to be curious and motivated to learn?
5) Does she put away toys and helps with family chores?
6) Can she face visitors without being overly shy?
7) Can your child stay on task and work independently?
8) Is your child able to finish a task?
9) Can she describe basic emotions and feelings (sad, angry, happy)?
10) Does the child recognize authority?
11) Can your child get along and play cooperatively with other children?
12) Can take care of own toilet needs independently?
13) Do you se your child feling good about self and tasks easily?
14) Can your child dress self and take care of own belongings?
15) Can your child wait for his or her turn?
16) Does she exhibit self-control?
17) Does your child seem to seek interactive play with other childre?
18) Can the child listen to your stories without interrupting?
19) Does your child use more words than physical aggression to get what he or she wants?
20) Understands that actions have both cause and effects?
21) Is she beginning to share with others?
22) Can she follow simple directions?
26) Can your child say "please" and "thank you"?
27) Does your child understand basic safety rules:
Example: Don't talk or get in the car with a stranger. Look both ways before crossing the street.
28) Is your child aware of any food allergy he or she has?
29) Can your child tel stories of past events?
23) Is your child manifesting empathy skills?
24) Does your child know your (parents) names, home address, and home address?
25) Can she recite her own First and last name?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is a sad generation

I feel sad for this generation because of the unsafe feeling they have to encounter everyday of their lives wherever they are. Back in my generation, I can go out and pkay with the kids in my neighborhood with me and my parents feeling safe. I socialize for real and not just online. I don't have to worry about online stalkers and strangers getting easy access on my personal details because we didn't have computers back then. I play real games with real interaction with other kids. We run for real, play hide and seek, conquer an opponents base for real, climb real trees, race bikes for real. We get real dirty in the mud , roll in the grass, get wet in the rain. This generation, experience these things online, in virtual reality, which is really really sad.

I wonder what our generation can do for this generation to get them out if their virtual life? Any suggestions?