Sunday, January 1, 2012

This is a sad generation

I feel sad for this generation because of the unsafe feeling they have to encounter everyday of their lives wherever they are. Back in my generation, I can go out and pkay with the kids in my neighborhood with me and my parents feeling safe. I socialize for real and not just online. I don't have to worry about online stalkers and strangers getting easy access on my personal details because we didn't have computers back then. I play real games with real interaction with other kids. We run for real, play hide and seek, conquer an opponents base for real, climb real trees, race bikes for real. We get real dirty in the mud , roll in the grass, get wet in the rain. This generation, experience these things online, in virtual reality, which is really really sad.

I wonder what our generation can do for this generation to get them out if their virtual life? Any suggestions?

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