Tuesday, August 2, 2011

On Classes Suspension & Taking Kids To School Or Not On A Bad Weather

Mind you, this only happens in the Philippines.  I don't know their policy in other countries but its kinda funny in an ironic way that our country depends on unreliable weather prediction from PAGASA and too late a hero announcement from government school authorities like DepED and CHED for class suspension on a bad weather like this week.

Just today, the Department of Education announced class suspension on afternoon classes after announcing an early dismissal on morning classes in the National Capital Region.  It is actually too late, the kids in the morning class braved the bad weather, getting their school bags, notebooks and books, shoes and themselves soaking in the hard rain!  The afternoon class kids are already on their way to school and are already wet just the same.

Parents, when it comes to deciding if you are going to send your kids to school or not do you still depend on these unreliable government agencies?

Personally, I don't.

I know better, I know what's best for my kids so I don't wait for them to tell me what to do or not.

Some argue that the kids grades will be affected if I don't send my child to school even if there's no class suspension.

1) Get your kids teachers numbers and send them a text message that you won't take your kids to school for such reason. If you see that the weather is so unpredictable to the point of foreseeing it to be a hassle to the kids and you as a parent to send them to school .
2) Ask the teacher via text what will be the agenda in school today (lesson) and if there will be homework so you can tell your child to study this lesson and do his/her homework too.
3) If texting is not an option next time the weather is better, go with your kids to school and talk to his/her teachers and ask for consideration, ask for the lessons the child needs to catch-up with so being an absent won't necessarily affect the kids grades.

I believe that accredited online colleges need to offer more teaching training on matters such as this.

I'm sure you have seen that "Muntik Na" commercial where the kids were almost an honor student but missed that opportunity because he/she is always absent because they are always sick?

On a bad weather like this, its very possible that kids will pick-up viruses that spreads around and eventually get sick.  Parents don't want this to happen.

Be the responsible parent.  You decide!