Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best Beauty Product of 2012

I've tried and tested beauty products more than the average mom.  Some would think I don't have brand loyalty.  Some would think I'm unethical for using competitor brands from the other.  Here's what I say.   How could you be objective in your product reviews if you never tried the other brand or competitor brand? How can you say that your brand is better than the other brand if you haven't even dared touch the other one you said wasn't good.   Before you can say you are unbiased and objective you should have a point of comparison   Compare facts by trying it personally and not just rely on reviews by others or your own personal bias of a product or company.    Here are some makeup products from different brands that I believe needs proper recognition.   Earthlingorgeous.com Best of 2012 Beauty Awards are highly recommended makeup/beauty products as tried by the author personally.

Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 Family and Kiddie Movies From 20th Century Fox

Most of us complain that the shows on TV now are full of violence and non-sense.  There are a very few shows that are good for our kids.   I think the best thing to do is to stock-up on educational  shows and movies.  Here is  20th Century Fox Family and Kiddie Movie Line-up For 2013 that you can watch with your kids and worry about it being pointless or violent.  I'm looking forward to Percy Jackson 2, Parental Guidance , Life of a Pi and The Croods.  Check out what movies would make you excited this coming year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Once In A Hundred Years Experience

I'm sure you've heard about the controversial date 12-12-12 that happens only Once In A Hundred Years.  Well, I was lucky to capture this year and freeze time with my gadgets.  I was privileged to be with wonderful people that day.  It was a happy lucky day!

How about you, what did you do on 12-12-12 12:12am and 12:12pm?  

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Most Influential Person In The World.

Coming from a standpoint of a single mom. I personally believe that mom play the most important role in keeping the family intact or tear it apart. Moms are the key influencers in the household. They decide which soap and shampoo brand the family will use. They decide what can stay and what can not in the homes they keep. They also influence what a child thinks of the world and everything around it. They are the most influential person in the world and you should not mess with them or else. If you want to have a good image you have to make sure that you make moms happy. Or at least have a pleasant experience with their encounter with you or your brands. An unhappy mom can break your brand especially if they are under a lot of stress in their personal lives and are struggling of some personal issues. A good way to keep them happy is to give them the pampering they need every once in awhile. Take them to a beauty or fashion shopping spree or take them to a very relaxing treatment at a spa. A mom who is often complaining lower back pains or muscle pain needs a good massage or a Stockton chiropractor as her bones may need realignment from all the house chores she does. Remember, a happy mom will make a happy home. If you want a happy family make the moms happiest of all!

Win Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume

This is one of my favorite scent in my perfume collection.  It's pink, it's girly it's light, kinda flirty, sweet and fun.  You can buy it in fragrance stores or have a balikbayan friend or relative to bring one home for you as pasalubong, or you can win a 40ml bottle worth Php3,400 by joinin the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume Launch & Giveaway!

Very simple mechanics, just take a photo of you on your Christmas party outfit and upload it on your Twitter or Instagram!  Giveaway starts now until December 24,2012 the winner will be announced on Christmas Day!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Charm Bracelets Up For Grabs

Ayala Malls is celebrating Christmas in full blast and they want everyone to feel the spirit of giving and kindness.  Because of that they are giving away Charm Bracelets desiged by Ana Rocha to all their shoppers who will do a an act of kindness at their malls. To know more of the details about this promo you can visit this link: Ayala Malls Charms Of Christmas Giveaway  or join Earthlingorgeous.com charm bracelet giveaway.  She is giving away 12 !

Friday, December 7, 2012

Camay Is Back In Manila

It was the beauty soap our moms used when we were little girls.   We love the scent and secretly it was a part of our childhood memories when we used to imitate whatever mom does and use whatever she uses.  I think all litle girls go throuh this phase of wanting to become like their moms.   When Camay stopped manufacturing here in the Philippines I was saddened.  It was because of this sentimental thought.  So when I witnessed the Camay Beauty Bar Relaunch In Manila  I was mega ecstatic.  The novelty feeling of having used that beauty bar soap in my childhood just bring happy thoughts and feelings.

I was talking to Procter and Gamble Country Communications Manager Clint Navales about the reason behind the relaunching Camay.  He said it was the right time for them to come out with a soap line that mainly focuses on scent and fragrances.

"We already have soap for germicidal, that's Safeguard.  We already have a soap for moisturizing, that's Olay.  So why not launch a soap that is all about scent?   That's when we decided we should bring Camay back!" Mr. Navales said.

Well, I think the timing is great!  With the retro fever creeping in everywhere.  Vintage is totally in.  Considering the reputation and how long this iconic beauty bar soap has been known worldwide even before I was born, Camay is definitely vintage and very much in!