Friday, December 7, 2012

Camay Is Back In Manila

It was the beauty soap our moms used when we were little girls.   We love the scent and secretly it was a part of our childhood memories when we used to imitate whatever mom does and use whatever she uses.  I think all litle girls go throuh this phase of wanting to become like their moms.   When Camay stopped manufacturing here in the Philippines I was saddened.  It was because of this sentimental thought.  So when I witnessed the Camay Beauty Bar Relaunch In Manila  I was mega ecstatic.  The novelty feeling of having used that beauty bar soap in my childhood just bring happy thoughts and feelings.

I was talking to Procter and Gamble Country Communications Manager Clint Navales about the reason behind the relaunching Camay.  He said it was the right time for them to come out with a soap line that mainly focuses on scent and fragrances.

"We already have soap for germicidal, that's Safeguard.  We already have a soap for moisturizing, that's Olay.  So why not launch a soap that is all about scent?   That's when we decided we should bring Camay back!" Mr. Navales said.

Well, I think the timing is great!  With the retro fever creeping in everywhere.  Vintage is totally in.  Considering the reputation and how long this iconic beauty bar soap has been known worldwide even before I was born, Camay is definitely vintage and very much in!

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