Friday, April 13, 2012

Should Transgenders Be Allowed In Beauty Pageants Made For Natural Born Women?

In my humble opinion, transgenders should not be allowed in beauty pageants made for natural born women. I'd rather have Mr. Donald Trump create a different beauty pageant for transgenders than allow this now.

Just because there was a loophole in the past rules of the pageant and that this is the popular choice, allowing the transgender in the pageant makes it the right decision, as Ms. Miriam Quiambao, former Ms. Universe runner-up said.

Also, its not because there are a lot of beauty pageant contestants who have gone through plastic surgery like bust lift, nose lift, tummy tuck, butt enhancement, liposuction, lip enhancement, cheek enhancement, and other means to enhance their beauty. They are still natural women in every essence of the word. All they did was enhance what was given to them the day they were born and not a complete turn from what they are to something they are really not. Going through a knife doesn't make one real we call enhanced boobs fake, we call enhanced nose fake, we call enhanced butt fake. So what shall we call transgenders who went into a dozen or more surgery just to achieve a form of a woman. A fake woman.

Natural born women have wombs and have the capacity to give birth. They have the capacity to become mothers to children that rared. They have natural mother instincts and women's instinct something fake women will never ever have or experience. Science may cheat the process but we all know the truth.

I have nothing against transgenders but we should always respect other people and know our boundaries.