Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sustagen Jr. And AlactaGrow Recall

The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered a pull-out of Sustagen Jr. and AlactaGrow milk products in the market because of some technical compliance issues ergo the milk products by Mead Johnsons is said to be unsafe for public use.

The Philippine FDA asked for the recall and removal of its current supplies of Sustagen Jr. and AlactaGrow from distribution and sales because allegedly the fat content in the said products were below the new standard listed in the revised CODEX Standards for Follow-Up Formula.

"Paul Richards, President and General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Philippines, responds by assuring consumers that "Safety is Mead Johnson's highest priority and the company spares no effort to comply with the laws of all of the countries in which it operates." He adds that "All of the company's products are produced in accordance with the CODEX Code of Hygenic Practice for Foods for Infants and Children".

By definition, the Class III Order issued by the Philippine FDA is the lowest level which is used for products that have technical compliance issues and the order specifically states that the use of or exposure to the product "is not likely to cause adverse health consequences".

Mead Johnson stressed that all of their products currently sold in the Philippines, including Alactagrow and Sustagen Junior, have passed stringent Philippine FDA health and safety requirements and are considered to be safe for consumption and of high quality. While the fat level requirement does not relate to the safety or quality of the product, Mead Johnson is taking steps to meet that requirement also.

Because of this , Mead Johnson launched today a reformulated version of Alactagrow that meets the new regulatory requirements. Work is also underway to develop an updated version of Sustagen to meet the revised standards.

Richards emphasized that Mead Johnson is committed to its mission to nourish the world’s children for the best start in life. Mead Johnson is involved in efforts to address malnutrition through a country-wide feeding and growth-monitoring program called Feeding Hope in partnership with Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the non-government organization Kabisig ng Kalahi. In addition, since 1991 Mead Johnson has provided sustained support to children afflicted with rare metabolic diseases.

Consumer health and collaboration with the government and the Food and Drug Administration are Mead Johnson’s top priorities. The company has been for some time and is currently in regular contact with the Philippine FDA regarding the recall and the Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for the affected products."


Rachel said...

Hmm that's some thing new to look forward.

alex said...
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alex said...

Well I'm glad this finally came out and matters have been cleared especially since I didn't really believe in the things I've been hearing about Mead Johnson in the first place. Not to mention that I have been a loyal consumer of some of their products ever since. I personally feel that this just happened because the scenario was blown out of proportion and people overreacted. Again, I reiterate that I'm glad that this matter is finally cleared. :)

Oh, and if you want more clarity to the issue, here's a really useful link:


baby jane said...

Apparently both Sustagen Jr. and Alactagrow are safe to consume according to this recent statement by the FDA, check it out : http://bit.ly/cKdAg3

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