Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Refrigirator Maintenance

I'm sure most of you experienced overstocking your refrigirators last Christmas with left over meals and other food products. Admit it or not, our refs are often neglected and some food are left in there until they are rotten and full of mildew.   It happens when we are too busy with other chores and always put cleaning the fridge for the other day when we are not too busy.

I have to admit my fridge had suffered a lot of damages because of carelessness.  The glass compartment separating the vegetable broke and well, I don't know where to find parts for it so I let it be.    I'm now looking at frigidaire refrigerator parts in this accessories site of frigidaire but haven't seen he part I needed.   However, I found some fridge accessories that I can use with my ref like the odor control disk that will ease out those unpleasant smell from the forgotten foods I store inside.   I am also interested with the touch up-pen that comes in four colors, silver, white, black and glacier that will hide all the scratch on the surfaces easily without having to ask for a whole body repaint! Isn't that convenient!  I'm also interested with that Pure Air carbon filter to control the unpleasant smell in the fridge.

Aside from these accessories they also have dairy covers, ice trays, wine racks that can comes in all sizes and will fit all types of fridge size.

The site is very user friendly, they have the buying guide so you can get the right size and specifications you needed for your fridgidaire!

Aside from refs they also products for washing machine, freezers and other kitchen and laundry furnishings and machines.  Problem is they are only available in US, Canada and Mexico!  Which will make me go to my nearest hardware store of refs and aircondition center to find parts I needed..

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