Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Status: Happily Married To My SMART BRO

I'm a mom of a child with autism, I try to make a living with my blogs and I'm in a long distance relationship.  With this situation I am in I can say that I am married to my computer and my internet connection and I'm not planning to get a divorce anytime soon.

Why should I get a divorce when I'm happily married to my personal broadband connection who's been with me through thick and thin.

On being a mom of a CWA:
My daughter likes to watch Barney and Dora the Explorer.  She also loves listening to pop music.  Because of my ever reliable internet connection I am able to download Barney and Dora episodes that she likes to watch repeatedly.   Her playlist is always updated too because we can upload songs on her iPod right away.  I'm also updated of the latest news regarding autism because I'm subscribe to it on Google Alert, my email always tells me when there's a new discovery or news and breaktrhough.

On being a blogger who tries to make a living out of it:
I maintain a significant number of blogs that I used for international paid/sponsored post opportunities, I can say that its my bread and butter now.   Because of this I need my reliable internet connection so I can do my blogging and complete my online tasks.  If not I don't know how I'm gonna pay for all my bills!  I'm sure most of the people who work online knows that intermittent connection or even renting at an internet cafe is not that reliable, convenient and practical if you do it as a living, the cost is more than the return of your investment compared to having your own internet connection. 

On keeping a long distance relationship:
In any relationship, personal or online, constant communication is important.   My boyfriend and I video chat every day of our lives, night and day, since we declared that we love each other.  Without a reliable personal broadband communication I don't think this relationship will last this long.  We've been "together" for more than 7 years.   Like any "normal" close distance relationship, we've been through many ups and downs "together".    When we have problems or we have triumphs to share we talk about it via video chat.  We may not be able to touch and feel each other physically, as cliche as it sounds, the heart knows no distance because the internet makes it possible to bridge that gap.     My sister was once an OFW and she can attest that a simple video chat eases up her feeling of homesickness.  So never under estimate my relationship with my long distance boyfriend.  I love him and he loves me.  Love knows no boundaries anyway. Thanks to my reliable personal broadband I'm always in-touch with my love from the other side of the planet.  :)

Now, tell me, with the many benefits I get with my SMART Bro Unlimited Home Broadband connection don't you think its time you get connected now?    Why not?  Aside from the consistent surf speed and stable signal you will also get some awesome free items like an all-in-one HP Printer, a Smart Gold Lite Plan 300 with 6 months free subscription and 1 month free broadband subscription!   Better hurry up and subscribe now this offer will not last forever!


Badet Siazon said...

Good that you found the provider that's perfect for all your needs.

Weng Zaballa said...

good to hear that you're happily married to your broadband connection! :)

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