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Do We Really Need A National Bloggers Association?

UPDATE: March 7, 2010

New points to ponder:
  • Since its not mandatory to join I think its better to drop the "national" or "philippine" in the bloggers association name. 
  • Since its not mandatory to join would it discriminate the others who are non-members since you'll be making business dealing formally?  
  • While some bloggers make money from blogging the income stream is not as stable and as regular as someone who is employed and receives regular pay.  Having an organization would pave the way for someone to propose mandating tax on bloggers.


One of the episodes at DigitalFilipinoTalks series caught my attention.  It was the episode with Tonyo Cruz talking about The Need for a Philippine Bloggers Association.

He said its time for the bloggers in the Philippines to become progressive and become one and be represented by a single and formal organization that will focus on the bloggers right especially with regards to copyright issues, code of ethics, and income sharing since there's an existing informal community/organizations already.   In short, he said  its high time we set a standard to blogging in the country.

I suggest you watch the video clip of Tonyo's  interview with Ms. Janet Toral to get a better grasp of his idea of the association:

Personally, I am not for this association.  I am not for setting a standard in blogging because what makes blogging unique and what attracted me to blogging is that its independent , its free, and a blogger can write whatever he/she thinks without having to worry about a group standard or integrity.  Because if we are worried about integrity, integrity is something personal that of the blogger and the or groups of bloggers that makeup a blog . It's up to the feedback of its readers/members to set their own standard,  if they dont like it they go it they love it they will follow.  If you start setting standards for bloggers/blogging then they will no longer be called bloggers because setting a standard destroys the character of being a blogger.

Another thing I am apprehensive about an association is that it gives room for politics and greed.  This is an unavoidable circumstance.  I don't want to be represented by a group because as a blogger I am an individual and I love the independence I got from blogging.  If you put up this one organization it takes away my independence.

If we really want an organization to fight for our right, in terms of ethics, copy right issues and income, I would rather suggest having a Bloggers Cooperative, where one get to share ideas, skills, and income opportunities. We can have a fund for all bloggers in the country to share and invest.  We can continue what we love doing, blogging, without being regulated but are progressive. 

I don't want to be represented by a group or by a leader of a group. I want to represent myself personally. 

How about you? Are you for a regulated/ standardized blogging?

Here's what the others have to say:


Unknown said...

I don't agree! It's my blog.. it's personal. Don't touch!!!!! No to national bloggers assoc.

ohmski said...

first question: isn't it that a blog is an outlet of your free-thinking? incidentally that bloggers also tap on certain issues which are public concern. so why should we limit our free-thinkers in a certain standard? are these people in a democratic country?

Cielo said...
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Cielo said...

same here... my blog is something personal, it is a haven of my thoughts, rants and opinions, I do not want anyone to restrict me from writing what I want because it is in their rules...i do not want to be covered by rules...I am matured enough to know my bounds. In blogging everyone should be equal, no leaders, no followers, dapat lahat bida...It all boils down if to values...

skysenshi said...

Hm. Initially, I was thinking that we need an association just for legal discussions and stuff. Para other bloggers can be educated. But if I am going to put a standard in blogging, which means my posts will be governed by rules and regulations...I may as well be a journalist, ne?

Weng Zaballa said...

at first I thought, the proposed Philippine Bloggers Association will be be formed just for the purpose of organizing the bloggers who share the same interests. pero kung mag-seset na ng standards for the blogging community, ibang usapan na yun. eh di mababago na meaning ng blogging/blogger, nawawalan ng na individuality ang bloggers.isa pa, magiging mapulitika pa yan.

rdnofera said...

I have mixed feelings with regards to putting up a bloggers association. As long as joining the association is not mandatory, free of charge, and doesn't affect my freedom to write the way I want I won't mind joining.

If there is an advantage of an association, I would say it would be for the communal aspect. Besides, blogging is a form of socializing anyway. Plus, if you join an association, you might be able to ask help from them specially the legal and moral.

I remembered there was an issue about a blogger who squealed about an anomaly on the distribution of goods with DSWD for typhoon Ondoy before. I think she was sued because she blogged about this.
If she was part of an association, they might be able to help her out...

♥peachkins♥ said...

Standards for blogging?? kaya nga blog, di ba it's personal.You set the rules in your own blog.

But if they will set a standard it won't be personal anymore..you will have to convey to a certain rule..

No to National Bloggers Association!

Josie said...

"Another thing I am apprehensive about an association is that it gives room for politics and greed."
You nailed it Earth, maya nyan pag me election na, dami na lalapit na mga politicians dun sa org. then we will be forced to write something positive even if we don't want to, freedom to express yourself will be lost, which is what is blogging is all about.

Isabelita "Bing" Solamo-Antonio said...

Personal representation & group representation are not mutually exclusive

Mugen said...

"Another thing I am apprehensive about an association is that it gives room for politics and greed."

Thus, I share my opposition against this idea. I don't want a single group of people setting the agenda of everyone.

Anonymous said...

I know and understand your stand and sentiments regarding about this issue. But I think you missed certain points that are valuable to the need of the creation of this group.
I don't think we are ever required to join. The creation of this organization is actually beneficial for those who want to maintain integrity and for the purpose of protection of rights. I had been a victim of libel ...I had been harassed and I couldn't run to an organization or group that could help me out delineate what are my rights and what I can do...because there is no group to help me out.
As long as it's not mandatory, and does not regulate my content and freedom ----then that's fine.
You see, blogging is now a very important scene in the web. Its influence now is similar to traditional mass media. That is why I think there is a need somehow to regulate and administer bloggers....though I hope they don't meddle with the freedom to write, and content.

Unknown said...

What are the "standards" that they want to push? It's like saying they want to set a standard on painting. Blogging/ writing is an ART. I own a personal blog not a professional blog so I don't think I need to be a member of such association... and as far as copyright and code of ethics goes... I think our other laws can cover that...

Also, an association would mean there will be association "dues"--I don't want to pay to be a blogger.

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