Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Challenge Your Body Age With Sustagen

I think I am one of the lucky 30% of adults in the country who has a younger body age than my actual biological age.

Most of the people I talked with during the Body Age Challenge event by Sustagen with Gabby Conception by Youthophia Media Philippines Inc. all complained that their body age is older than their actual age.  Take Mario Dumawan and Abby Assistco who said they were four years older.

Factors that affect the body age faster is the stress of our daily grind,  unhealthy eating habits and lack of physical activities that makes the body age fast.

You will never know until you take the body age challenge and tell yourself you need to change your lifestyle immediately or you will look older than you are.  One thing you can do aside from changing your lifestyle, eating healthier foods (less greasy food), doing lots of physical activity (exercise), and a regular check-up with your doctor is to drunk Sustagen Premium with Multi-Defense System which is formulated to help fight body stresses with all the anti-aging and anti-disease ingredients packed in a can.

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