Friday, November 19, 2010

Win Php5,000 Worth Of Beauty Products!

Mommies and Ladies!  It's Christmas time again and I'm sure your saving for the entire year is dedicated for your loved ones and have saved so very little for yourself.

Well, I have good news to everyone.  I will be raffling off  Php5,000 worth of beauty products (5 winners with Php1,000 worth of products each) to those who could share on their blogs what 50x more can you achieve with fairer skin.... To make it clear answer this question : "What do you want 50x more with fairer skin and why?"  (Here's a sample post of what I want 50x more!)

1) Answer that question as creative as you want or as serious as you want.
2) At the end of the post include this photo:
L'Oreal white Perfect
3) and indicate anywhere in the post that like Earthlingorgeous I want 50x more fairer skin.
4) comment here to the link of your entry.

That's it!

I hope to see your entries soon!

P.S. contest is open to everyone not just moms :)
... the products you will win is not necessarily whitening products :) could be make-up or hair care or skin care!

WINNERS Will be announced 2nd week of December :)


Nicely said...

Hi there, Earth!

I'm joining and here's my link:


More power!

earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks Nice!

Good luck! :)

Agnes Dela Cruz said...


I want to join, here is the link to my blog post. thanks so much!


Trish said...

Hi! Joining your contest :)

here's my entry: http://theallaroundmom.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-want-50x-more-kisses-from-my-kids-and.html

thanks! :)

Lanie Magno said...

Hi, Earth! Can I join via FB Notes? :)

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Lanie sure you can join as long as you tag Loreal Philippines and Earthlingorgeous.com Facebook page on your notes :)

zoan said...

hello Earth, here is mine : http://luckyzoan.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-want-50x-more-poise-under-pressure.html

good luck to all the contestants :D

earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks Zoan! :) Good luck!

Melody Co said...

Hi Earth! Joined and did the mechanics here!



earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks for joining Meloy :)

Rachel said...

Hi Best Earth! Count me in here is mine.


earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks for joining best! :)

Lucky Finds said...

Hello Earth, here is my contest entry - http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com/2010/11/i-want-50x-more-self-esteem-with-fairer.html

Cel77 said...

Hi Earth!

Here's the link to my blog entry for the contest:


Thanks and advance Happy Holidays!
Cel P. (sdoirm@yahoo.com)

Lanie Magno said...

Hi again, Earth! Here's the link to my FB note.


Thanks for this contest! :)
Melanie Magno

counselor said...

yehey! done mine na, here is my entry...


earthlingorgeous said...

Thanks ladies for joining! keep your entries coming! :)

princess yingying said...

Hi posted my entry at



jl said...

Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Here is my 50x more fairer entry:

Thanks.. :))

rlyn :} six8 said...

i'd love to prepare as early as now for my january bang! including 2011 of course :}



earthlingorgeous said...

yay! Thank you ladies for joining! keep your entries coming!

hidburn said...

Count me in, Gorgeous! :)

pure said...

gimme some mama-gramma-luck! thanks for this contest!

OYENZ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
earthlingorgeous said...

woot! thanks ladies for joining! good luck! keep your entries coming :)

Starrie said...


Here's my entry:

Starrie Sun

kaho din said...
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kaho din said...

Sorry for deleting, wrong link used. Having a hard time with my Yahoo Pulse :(

Crossing my fingers... Here's my link, Earth.

p.s. Finally got my Yahoo Pulse post working.

ar3456 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marianne Cristine said...

Hello Ms. Earth,

Here's my entry:



Marianne Cristine said...

here's another link, on my blogpost:


Lourdes Espanol said...

Hi! Here's my entry. Hope I'm one of the winners.


torque15 said...

Here's my 50x more countdown. Thanks Earth!


d a e a r said...

i hope i'm not too late :)

james said...

One shot to fairness. Looking forward to bonding moments with mom. http://dvjamesc.posterous.com/one-shot-to-fairness

itsaprileveryday said...

Hello Ms.Earth..Here's the link of my blog about the contest:

Have a great day ahead :)

april said...

Here's my contest link:


Starrie said...


When will the winners be announced?


earthlingorgeous said...

Hi there will announce the winners after Christmas na kinda busy na eh... thanks for understanding :)

welter samuel said...

Its Awesome!
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