Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Join The Vanita Club For Discounts On Luxury Lingerie

Hello Ladies,

Have you heard of House of Vanita?

House Vanita is a luxury lingerie and intimate apparel line from Italy with Fabiola Martina Vanita (former designer for Victoria's Secret). Vanita held a fashion show with some of the Manila Bloggers as models and I must say their lingerie, swimsuits and the rest of their intimate apparel look very nice and durable.

playful House of Vanita blogger models

I'm inviting you to join the House of Vanita Luxury Lingerie club so you can get huge discounts on your purchases a set of Vanita lingerie.

Members can get the following discount:

*The Arianne, Gioia-A, Luna Bustier, Lilla, Abree and Sylvana styles are not included in this campaign.

I hope to see you in one of the upcoming events of Vanita and maybe talk about how your hubby or partner loved their undergarments on you! :)

Happy Shopping!

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