Friday, April 11, 2014

The Answer to Better Digestion for Children in Transition from Human Milk to Formula

Digestion is crucial to the health of a child as it determines the absorption of nutrients from milk.  The speed of digestion determinrd the speed at which nutrients are made available to the bloodstreem.

Transition from breast milk to formula often results in constipation or diarrhea among infants because of the significant differences in the composition of formula and human milk.

In contrast to breast milk, cow's milk is processed to 1) limit microbiological growth, 2) to make suitablr as a raw material for infant formulae and , 3) to transform it to liquid to powder.   During the above process by heat treatment , protein becomes less denaturated and glycated.

Protein denaturation causes protein to lose their structure that may kead to protein-fat complexes that can interfere with stomach emptying.  The rate of stomach emptying id very important for optimal digestion.  For that reason any ibterference should be controlled. Denaturation by processing, thus, needs to be controlled and infant formulae must undergo the lowest possible level of heat treatment in order to achieve better digestion in infants.

Royal FrieslandCampina, one of the world's leading dairy companies, has ventired into produckng quality milk that aids not only in digestion but helps children absorb necessary nutrients for growing up and becoming strong inside out. Through extensive rearch and innovations in milk production, Royal FrieslandCampina has endeavored to ensure that it produces milkbthat will probivide premium nutrition for infants and young children.

Recently, Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC), the leading Filipino milk company who established its brand for 40 years in the country , has joined Friesland Campina, a premium global brand  which has been in the business for over 130 years.   Both arr committed to deliver products which promote proper digestion and absorption that will help infants and young children grow healthy inside and out.

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