Thursday, October 17, 2013

Nivea Baby takes 1st Step to Caring Beyond Skincare at Dr. Fabella Memorial Hospital

NIVEA BABY’s 1st Step campaign celebrates the thrust of providing the mildest skincare protection for every baby right from the start. It takes the very first moments that babies and their mothers experience together, and emphasizes that proper skincare should be given at the very beginning.

Starting from hearing that first cry, to seeing that first smile, and sharing that first touch, NIVEA BABY aims to encapsulate the great firsts of parenthood. However, the brand acknowledges that there is a larger segment of families who barely manage due to limited resources. In light of this, NIVEA BABY takes the 1st Step to Caring Beyond Skincare as it extends its belief of mildest protection beyond caring for baby’s skin. 

Known as the center of excellence in affordable maternity healthcare, Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital attends to over 55 births per day. Despite having sparse supplies and limited amenities, Fabella tries to accommodate as much expectant mothers as they can every day. However, the safety, healthy and comfort of the newborns and their mothers can be compromised due to the lack of space and proper infrastructure.

NIVEA BABY spearheads Caring Beyond Skincare to help Fabella’s babies and mothers experience their first joys within a more caring and comfortable environment. Shedding light to this bleak situation where newborns swelter inside the stuffy, hot Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and postnatal mothers are forced to breastfeed on barely-cushioned benches, NIVEA BABY is making change happen. This all starts with the transformation of the hospital’s maternity wing through a three-month renovation program.

“NIVEA Baby is committed to ensuring that babies and mothers get the mildest care and protection – and we are extending this to Fabella Hospital. Through the Caring Beyond Skincare project, we will provide a program that will give moms and their babies a brighter experience,” shares Jon Lee, Assistant Brand Manager for NIVEA BABY.

As part of the program, NIVEA BABY will dress up the maternity wing, and provide equipment and facilities such as improving the breastfeeding room, installing proper ventilation for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, fixing the waiting area and setting up basic sanitation areas. The rehabilitation will start this October, and the turnover of the area is expected to happen in December.

“Bearing a child and giving birth are two of the most life changing experiences of motherhood. Mothers worry for their baby’s health and do everything they can afford to protect their baby. NIVEA BABY is about giving mothers the promise of mildest protection and care for their baby’s skin. But our commitment at Fabella goes further. We recognize the great work of Fabella, and that is why we assist their dedicated support of mothers and their newborns by giving them a more caring and protective environment,” ends Alexander Schwieger, Country Manager for NIVEA Philippines.

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