Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Your Time Is As Precious as Others: Philippine Standard Time

I wrote at Earthlingorgeous.com about my take On Philippine Standard Time & National Time Consciousness Week because yesterday a PR pissed me off when he asked where was my representative on their event that was suppose to happen at 6PM according to the invite.  Well, he texted at  8:45PM  and he said their event started at 8PM  .  I wouldn't blame that representative for leaving after an hour or hour and 30minutes after the 6PM call time because they are the ones who were late.

Anyway, I hope people in the Philippines start respecting time and the people they are about to meet and not to tolerate tardiness because it is not a good habit.  A bad habit we all in the Philippines have to break.

This is also the same reason the Philippine government put into law the Philippine Standard Time so as to curb that bad habit of tardiness and early time out at work because it hampers in the productivity of the company.

Productivity is a major concern for many companies. Some businesses want to take a hardline approach to managing productivity while others would like to find ways to incentivize good, productive behaviors. Understanding the underlying cause of productivity problems in the workplace is the first step to improving it throughout the organization. Here are the several things that impact productivity levels in the business.

Tardiness is one of the most commonly reported problems in the workplace. Each year, employees get paid for hours of work they haven't performed, essentially giving themselves a raise. According to research, companies have thrown away billions of dollars each year when it comes to chronic tardiness. Companies are using tools like the biometric time clock at Timeclockeshop.com can eliminate productivity problems with businesses.

One report showed that attendance problems like absenteeism can really take a toll on the average business. According to the research, American employers lose $153 billion each year in productivity because of absenteeism. Wellness programs have encouraged employees to take better care of their health to improve attendance rates among employees.

Social media has also been considered a major productivity problem in some companies. Idle or less productive employees can fall into certain patterns, engaging regularly in social media during work hours. The introduction of tablets and smart phone devices really do have an impact on overall employee productivity, some research states. Attitude has been found to take away from employee productivity. Attitude can affect multiple areas of the business. Teamwork issues, the employee turnover rate and downsizing can all lower productivity. In environments where change is constant, attitude can really have a negative impact on the team dynamics and environment. Team-building exercises and changes in the managerial approach can really make employees more productive and leave them feeling empowered.

As companies look to solutions and different managerial approaches to boost employee morale and eliminate attendance problems, they must walk a fine line. Companies must continue to look for creative ways to promote creativity while providing a welcoming environment for people to work.

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