Monday, April 29, 2013

Environment Friendly Mobile Medical Units

Lifeline Mobile, a quality manufacturing leader in the production of mobile medical units, provides mobile mammography, dental, medical, and laboratory units. Instead of acting as a middleman, Lifeline Mobile is the manufacturer itself meaning that prices will be reasonable and all questions will be answered by the experts themselves

Many companies create mobile units that are simply glorified RVs and/or school buses. Lifeline Mobile instead creates truck based units that are crafted with your specific needs and program in mind. The understructure of the mobile clinics consist of four inch steel under the entire structure ensuring a firm foundation constructed to last for decades.

The ceilings are significantly higher than other company's mobile medical units giving the space the open feel of an actual office. Also, unlike other manufacturers, Lifeline Mobile uses commercial grade materials instead of residential materials to ensure that the equipment and furniture in the unit will survive the years instead of falling apart in just a year or two. 

The goal of the company is to create mobile medical units that have the look and feel of a medical office. These units are equipped with handicap accessibility and private rooms to ensure confidentiality. Lifeline Mobile is dedicated to developing new ideas and products, reinvesting money back into product development to ensure continuing improvements, and continuing research to make units more effective and efficient. The company's goal is also to reduce carbon emissions, increase fuel efficiency, as well as eliminate as much noise pollution as possible.


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Make versatile units that are essentially celebrated Rvs or school transports. Life saver Mobile rather makes truck based units that are created on account of your particular needs and program.

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Life saver Mobile, a quality assembling pioneer in the creation of versatile therapeutic units, furnishes portable mammography, dental, restorative, and research center units. As opposed to going about as a mediator, Lifeline Mobile is the maker itself implying that costs will be sensible and all inquiries will be replied by the masters themselves.

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