Friday, March 15, 2013

U.P. Needs To Be Reminded What A Real Scholar Ng Bayan Is!

Yesterday, a shocking news came out that a 16 year old girl committed suicide because she can't pay her tuition on time on a supposedly government funded school for smartest students in the country or the scholars ng bayan. This school was supposedly a public school where students get a virtually almost free tertiary education because they are the cream of the crop from their high schools.   Unfortunately, this school was no more than a poser public government funded school juicing the students and their family of their life just so they can finish their studies there.  

Yes, I am talking about the University of the Philippines who has long been just a fake school for the scholars ng bayan.  If students who are studying there are real scholars they won't have to be reprimanded or asked to stop schooling because they were not able to pay their tuition for 3 months because it is the university rule?  They are no more like a  domain name registration service  who puts your domain name for auction as soon as you are not able to re-register it a month after your subscription expires. Although there are domain registry who will give you a couple months before they put your domain for auction.  

But then again domain registry is a business. A school is not.   So our government should be looking deep into the University of the Philippines (U.P.)classification , is it a public university or a private university?  If it is a public school students who are enrolled there won't have tuition problems. Seriously.   Scholars ng bayan having tuition problems?

I was a scholar ng bayan, I studied at a university with government subsidy.  I did not have problems with my tuition fee there.

What I heard, U.P. went overboard with their tuition fee after some filthy rich politicians kid couldn't get in there because he didn't pass the UPCAT.   That was the university rule, you can't get in there if you don't pass the UPCAT.   But with this politicians money and influence in the government he was able to twist and bend some rules which gave way to rich not so genius kids to get in because they have the money!  This is also the reason behind this stupid review schools you need to enroll on for those high school graduates who want to get in U.P.  and those other prestigious private schools.  This is to give the rich kids who wants to put in their biodata that they graduated in one of the country's supposedly BEST University for the BEST Scholars ng Bayan!

In my opinion U.P. needs to be reminded what is a scholar ng bayan.  There shouldn't be another 16 year old girl die because she can't pay her tuition.

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