Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Capture Your Kids Every Moment

I am sure you have photos of your child's first.  First Birthday, First Step, First Day of School, First out-pf-the-country vacation, First Christmas Card she ever made for you and so on and so forth.    CEELIN PLUS S.T.E.P.S (Sights, Thoughts, Experiences, Photos Shared) is an online scrapbook where you can post and share every captured moment of you and your child. From photos, videos, events, sounds and more, this is your treasure box where your child can always be your baby, even when she grows up to become a lady.        

Kids grow up so fast. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can capture and keep every milestone?  Never miss a moment. Log on to www.CeelinPlusSteps.com now, and capture and share every milestone!

Watch this video and get an inspiration of what you will post at Ceelin Steps

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Weng Zaballa said...

I'mnot so good in scrapbooking. but i want to try this CEELIN PLUS S.T.E.P.S online scrapbook. can't wait to share my chidrens firsts and other memorable photos

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