Monday, May 21, 2012

Beware of Toxic School Supplies

School Year 2012 is about to begin. I'm sure most of you mommies out there are now in a rush to buy school supplies after enrolling your kiddo to school. Before getting all excited and crazy buying inexpensive school supplies or buying the most expensive one's make sure you don't get something that will be detrimental to the health of our children. Just today, the ECOWASTE Movement announced some school supplies they found with high levels of led or phthalates above the allowable/ safe limit are the following: 1. A “Dora the Explorer” pink PVC raincoat bought from National Book Store (SM North EDSA) had 35.86% DINP. 2. A metal ruler with a rubberized part containing “Smileys” from National Book Store (NBS Superstore, Cubao) had 0.534% DNOP and 0.285% DINP. 3. A red PVC plastic envelope with images of “Angry Birds” from Expressions (Isetann Mall, Quiapo) had 1.89% DINP, 2.21% DEHP and 2.86% DIDP. 4. A “Princess Mica” PVC lunch bag bought from Expressions (Isetann Mall, Quiapo) had 2.57% DEHP, 0.280% DBP and 0.189% DINP. The five samples sent to the laboratory were also screened for lead using an XRF spectrometer and lead over the 90 ppm limit was found in three samples: the “Smileys” in the ruler, the painted “Angry Birds” in the red plastic envelope and the ellipsis design in the “Adventurer” plastic envelope. Because of their adverse health effects, especially to young children, the European Union, the United States of America and other countries have imposed restrictions or bans on some phthalates, including BBP, DBP DEHP, DIDP, DINP and DNOP. While the Philippines has not phased out or banned phthalates, the Food and Drug Administration (formerly Bureau of Food and Drugs) as early as 1999 has issued a warning on health hazards caused by phthalates in PVC toys “as these have been found to leach out from the toys when they are sucked or chewed as commonly practiced by children.” Be careful in buying raincoats as well as they found a number of those being sold out with high phthalates.


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