Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nivea Baby Pure & Natural Wipes Review

More often or not, public restrooms don't have tissue in them so its always important for us moms to bring our own tissue , wipes and sanitizers to make sure our kids are protected from germs when they use the public restrooms.

There's so many baby wipes and wet tissue out in the market now but some of them contain harsh chemicals which are not safe for our baby.

When I got this NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes I was excited because it claims that its 100% biodegradable and 100% flushable!

Product info:
Moistened with organic chamomile to gently cleanse and soothe with the power of nature.  The biogradable and flushable wipes are based on natural cotton for the most gentle baby care.  It contains organic chamomile, alcohol and parabens free and no perfume added!

What I think about it:
  • I love that they did not put perfume in it just the natural scent
  • The tissue is very soft and not so soaking wet
  • There's that funny scent I didn't like that is very common of natural made products
  • I think the price of Php150.00 per pack of 50pc is kinda expensive for a common consumer.  But if organic is always expensive, safe and environment friendly so what's a little extra amount for all the good stuff right?
  • Mommies can also use it for their private and makeup :)

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ruteegee said...

i use the blue one for my baby girl... what is the difference between the 2?

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