Friday, May 13, 2011

On Jan Jan and Willie Revillame Issue

I think the child rights advocates who filed a case against Jan Jan's parents and Willie Revillame for the Child Abuse issue are going over board.  Yesterday, I heard they want to take Jan Jan away from his parents and have him in DSWD custody.  Are they insane?  Are they human?  Where is their heart?  Whose cause are they fighting for? Whose right they are fighting for? If they have something against Willie Revillame's show or as a person go attack the guy in any possible way you can, but to go overboard and get a kid away from his parents just to hurt Willie is too much.

If they are really for Jan Jan's sake, instead of taking him away from his parents and give the kid a traumatic experience of having to live in a god forsaken DSWD shelter and being separated from his parents, give the parent and Jan Jan a lasting solution.
1) They can give Jan Jan's parent a stable job or a livelihood that they no longer have to hope that Jan Jan will pull them away from the miserable life they have.  They don't need to put the responsibility of raising a well-off family out of  Jan Jan being a celebrity.
2) Give Jan Jan a scholarship grant until he finish college so the parents will no longer have to worry about where to get his tuition and that he no longer wishes to be an artista nalang so he can earn a lot of money for his family.
3) Have Jan Jan's parents attend a regular counseling and guidance seminar to keep them on the right track.

Having his parents in jail will not do good for Jan Jan but will cause him more trauma thus not protecting the rights of this child.

Thinks about that!

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Trish said...

I super agree, mommy Earth! sobrang OA na ng mga tao at ang dami ng nakikisawsaw sa issue. they've completely blown this out of proportion. there are a lot of worthwhile things to do like help other kids who are homeless and orphans.

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