Tuesday, January 18, 2011

No To Kids? WTF!

Singapore just issued a ban on children on all their restaurants on a weekdays  I heard there were other countries who issued the same ban and want to extend that ban not only on weekends but FOREVER?  including public places. WTF!

 I heard the news over the radio the other day and found some info in CNN but I was too busy to blog about it and find time today to say my piece.

But I can't stay quiet for a long time and here's what I've got to say..

To all the adults living in Singapore I am disgusted by you and I pity you at the same time.  You don't own the world and you will not be forever young or live forever.  You may be ruling this lifetime but when you reach a certain age that you can no longer walk and nobody is there to give you the love and care you need, remember what you did today.

To all the adults who are thinking the same here in the Philippines, I wondered what happened to you on your childhood or what corrupted your mind as an adult?

I know we all want to enjoy our expensive meal at a posh restaurant especially when we paid well for it.

I know we all want to enjoy the movie we paid in a cinema so we can enjoy good quality movie.

I know we all want to enjoy our day of pampering in our favorite nail salon, spa or parlor.

But, where is your humanity when you want to ban kids and keep them out of your sight. Kids are not pets to be left locked at home so the adults can enjoy the world on their own.

I know there are kids who are very mischievous and playful and its really annoying to get disrupted in a middle of the best scene of a movie your watching.  Its very irritating to get bumped on by a kid who's running around when you are about to take a scoop on your scrumptious dessert.

Not all kids are like that, why generalize the ban?

I know the restaurants just want a steady income so they agreed to this, but can't they just dedicate a kids place the way they dedicate a smoking area in their restaurants?

Are smokers more important than kids to have their own place in the restaurant?

Something is very wrong here.

Kids are not always out on a weekday with their parents, their mom or dad or relatives.  And sometimes there's nobody to cook for the kid so they opt dining out.  Would you rather have the kids/family starve because you want your peace while having your meal?

I know there are parents who seem to don't give a damn when their kids are misbehaving,  its their parenting technique, but its also a judgment call for a parent to leave a place when their kids are being too disruptive, some parents don't have the etiquette to think the world should understand them because they're are kids.  But as adults to ban kids is just insane.

Kids are humans and have their basic rights.  I would love to fight for kids for their rights.  I would have understood if the ban will not extend to public places and that if the restaurants would be more humane to put up a kids area/family area the way they put up smoking areas. 

As a mom I know where I can bring my child or not; some of the places I know I shouldn't bring my daughter especially with her age and case are the following:

  • a fine dinning restaurant (because there's a chance she will run away even before the 2nd course is served)
  • a non-family oriented restaurant
  • a non-family oriented movie 
  • a nail spa and salon

To all the adults in Singapore, the world is not yours, you don't own the world, so don't be selfish not wanting it to share with the children.

I know there are adults who doesn't want to have kids of their own because 1) they don't want the responsibility or 2) they think they can't handle the responsibility, 3) they are enjoying their life without a kid that will interrupt their life ruining whatever plans they have for themselves.

Some countries in the world  are having  problems with their aging population.  This was because when they were young and able they didn't want kids around.  Now they are having problem because nobody wants kids and their aging .  In short their future/ race is in danger because they hated children.

I hope this won't happen here in the Philippines and that other country won't follow such thing.  Public places is that public and children are human too and have the basic rights as adults have.

Adults don't own the world and they will never live forever.

If you want to do someting that will benefit the greater population, ban cigarettes FOR GOOD! , ban the use plastic and non-biodegradable materials FOR GOOD!, ban drunkards on public places disrupting the peace FOR GOOD!

I wonder what will be the fine for those who violate the Singaporean law ?  What if there are family of tourist in Singapore on a weekend enjoying their time in the Zoo and this popular theme park in there?

This is a stoopid law.  I hope we won't follow suit.

... and to all adults who ever considered this thought here in the Philippines I pity you.


Kat @My Tots Exactly said...

I hope they don't try it here in the Philippines. It won't be welcomed at all and baka magsara na lang sila at malugi. We are known for being close-knit and familial. Having children around is part of life, kailangan lang marunong ka dumisiplina. Tsk tsk tsk... and I wanted to go to SG with the fam. Now I'm thinking twice since baka hindi magenjoy ang anak ko, and all this trip and wandering is for her.

Unknown said...

Oh my! These people are CRAZY!! Ban the kinds in restaurants???? Seriously! Oh my, what happened to their brains? WTH!

Mommy Jes said...

Weh? hinde nga? so plan palang naman to?? ay yay yay! wag naman sana....anu bang klaseng dahilan yan! panu b nagsimula to? cn you please share the links? thnks!

earthlingorgeous said...

the link is there Jes its not a plan its implemented na

♥peachkins♥ said...

Very well said Earth! They are crazy for thinking such things. Nakakalurky! Akala mo di sila dumaan sa pagkabata....

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

I agree if it's fine dining, or at least there's a cetain age. I think some resto in US are doing the same and many people agree with it. I,for some reason, doesn't mind. I do have kids, but when hubs and I want to enjoy an "US" time, we will eat at a resto, we don't want to sit beside a crying baby all night.
I think sometimes, it's a parents discretion,you know how your kids behave.

LegendaryMommyRanice said...

It's the parents' responsibility of knowing where to bring and where not to bring their children. But to have something like this is absurd.

You're right, they def treat kids as pets. Annoying!!

The Joyful Crafter said...

I agree with you.... Inhumane law!
And I'm sure it's not going to happen here in the country. Filipinos are kids lovers by heart. We're not going to let such a law be implemented here.

I would like to go back there pa naman sana, but with a law like this being implemented, I think I'd rather not...

And to them, what the heck happened to your brains?

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