Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

The Social Network is the movie which features the story behind the success of Facebook which is valued at $16 Billion US dollars today! We will learn more about Mark Zuckerberg the founding president of Facebook as portrayed by Justin Timberlake and Eduardo Saverin who plays the role of Eduardo Severin the co-founder who fell out with Zuckerberg over money.

I would like to see the movie just to see the controversy and how they did it! Incidentally Nuffnang is giving away exclusive invites to 90 Nuffies who can make the cut. (Hope I still can make it!) Aside from the movie invite they will also be giving away a PLDT myDSL modem and wifi to one lucky winner!

I want to win the PLDT myDSL modem+wifi!  Simple analogy if...
“The Social Network is to Facebook, as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to unlimited uninterrupted internet surfing anytime anywhere!”

I love the fact that PLDT myDSL is plug-and-play just like the regular myDSL modem but I don't need to download any software to make it work.  I also love the fact that I can enjoy up to 25 meters of myDSL WiFi connection that virtually makes me surf anytime anywhere I am!   My sister and I can surf the net at the same time because its high-speed and allows simultaneous connection via WiFi!


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