Saturday, August 28, 2010

Why Do I Want An Adtel Home Solar Kit

My mom has hyper tension and her normal blood pressure is 120/100 but every month my moms blood pressure would shoot to 200/180 and that is because of her Meralco bill.

For this month's billing statement her bill is Php3,700 plus which is kinda odd and too expensive for her regular consumption.  She only uses TV when her soap operas are on, her fridge is on half the day mostly at night so she can have ice all day,  she doesn't use air con because the house is well ventilated just a fan occasionally, and a desktop computer .

I would try to calm my mom down by telling her that Meralco again issued an increase in the bill, which doesn't help at all, and explain to her about the system loss, which she believe she shouldn't be paying at all.  My mom can't understand that Meralco Distribution charges she has to pay either.
I want this cycle of calming my mom down and stop the worst thing ever if her bill reaches Php6,000 in the coming months because of the impending hike in the electricity rates again.  I would like my mom to have the Adtel Home Solar Kit so my mom can enjoy her telenovelas and we don't have to worry about her blood pressure shooting up to an uncontrollable level.

Please help me win this Adtel Home Solar Kit for my mom by clicking this Facebook like button .  Thanks so much!  This is my entry for the LopezLink contest.
I really think we shouldn't be paying the system loss and other charges we didn't consume, what do you think?


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