Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Yaya Manual

As much as we want to be hands-on with our children, our fast-paced world forces us to entrust our children in the care of other.  While daycare centers may be the solution elsewhere in the world, here it is Yaya that comes to the rescue.   As parents we may wish for a perfect yaya, but we all know its almost impossible.  Because of this Smart Parenting has come up with The Smart Parenting Yaya Manual, a basic guide to hiring, training, and managing your yaya.

Author Tisha C. Bautista says, “The Smart Parenting Yaya Manual was written particularly for first-time moms, working moms (who need to run their household via remote control), as well as moms who are lucky enough to have yayas in their employ.”

The book gives moms tips on hiring the right yaya for your child, precautionary steps to avoid yaya perils, assessment tools to evaluate your yaya’s potential and performance, and more. It also pages written in Filipino especially for yaya—here, yaya can learn the proper way to carry, burp, bathe, and change the baby; games she can play with baby to boost development; and how to store and prepare breast milk. Easy-to-use forms, checklists, and charts also allow yaya to track baby’s schedules and needs.

While this primer on basic yaya training may give you a yaya who is both competent and caring in helping you raise your child, Bautista has some encouraging words for mothers: “Remember, no matter how good or well-trained your staff becomes, yaya will never be Mama. Never doubt, mothers always know best—no matter how imperfect we are.”

The book was launched last March 14 at Fully Booked High Street, The Smart Parenting Yaya Manual is now available in newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide at P195 per copy.


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