Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Week Of Free Gym To Celebrate International Fitness Week

In line with the celebration of the International Fitness Week, Fitness First will open all its doors to everyone who would like to start a healthy lifestyle.

The free gym will start on March 14-20, 2011 so that everyone gets to try a healthy living and fitness through exercise and enjoyable group activities. Fitness First had been offering this free gym every year and is now on its third year in the Philippines.

For an entire week, Fitness First will treat everyone to a selection of services. Each day will have a different focus including “Strength Day” where activities will center on how one can build their strength, “Cycle Day” in which spin classes will be offered to both rookie and experts, “Shape Day” where classes devoted to sculpting and toning one’s body will be offered with the help of different innovative techniques and free consultation with Fitness First’s resident nutritionist and “Health Check Day” which will provide participants with a 5 point health check. In addition to this, there will also be “Functional Training Day” which can help people be more productive and energized to tackle their daily activities, and “Group Exercise Day” where beginner cardio classes will be offered. Finally, to culminate the week-long celebration, “Fun Day” will give participants a preview on Fitness First’s newest weight loss program, Lose It.

The campaign is supported by former Spice Girl and Global International Fitness Week Ambassador, Mel B, who is encouraging the public to becoming more active and fit while providing solutions to different health concerns such as weight loss and high cholesterol.

To learn more about International Fitness Week and Fitness First, please visit www.internationalfitnessweek.com or www.fitnessfirst.com.ph

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