Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 Winners Of Php1,000 Worth Of Beauty Products

I did the raffle a few minutes ago and here are the winners...

Nicely, Marriane, Princess Yingying, Puri and Snickerdoodle! Congratulations!

Please choose your prize (first to reserve gets the prize of her choice!)

A) Purederm Age Defying Hydro Pure Gel Mask Php129.95 and L'oreal Serie Nature Douceur D'Huiles Shampoo for Rebellious and Unruly hair around Php900.00
B) Purederm Deep Moisture Hand Mask around Php130.00 and L'Oreal Serie Nature Masque Aux Huiles Treatment for Rebellious and Unruly Hair around Php 900.00.
C) Anew Rejuvenate Facial Cleanser around Php200.00 and Anew 360 White Protective Cream with SPF 20 around Php Php800.00
D) L'Oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Day Cream SPF 17 around Php1,100 

E) ANEW 360 White (Intensive Whitening Serum) Php1,000.00 I'll include one Purederm product for this.

Leave a comment here to claim prize and indicate which among products A-E you would like to have.  I'm only open for a meet up after the New Year (Metro Manila only, representatives are ok).  Will send details on how to claim on the email you indicate on your comment. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tang KiddiCine Film Festival Debuts Country’s Youngest Directors

Manila, Philippines -The Tang KiddiCine Film Festival culminated last November 27, with the debut of five films written, shot and created by the finalists chosen for this unique opportunity. Mia and Mika Azurin, ages 10 and 9, Ronn-Jeoff Beltran, 10, Luke Acosta, 8 and Kendrick Santos, 9, were part of history-in-the-making as they became five of the country’s youngest film directors through the Tang KiddiCine program.

In a desire to showcase children’s creativity, talent and independence in a manner never-before-seen, the Tang KiddiCine search challenged kids to show us the world through their own eyes. Just months ago, Tang and Kraft Foods Philippines set out to find the extraordinary kids who can do just this through 3-5 minute short films inspired by the theme “Because I Can”. All they had to do was write and send the stories that they wanted to make come alive on the big screen.

The response to our challenge? More than a hundred entries poured in from all over the Philippines- overwhelming evidence of the passion that fuels the ambitions of kids today. And proof that armed with a little support, a bit of guidance and a whole lot of imagination,  kids can become the future faces of Philippine film at the first-ever Tang KiddiCine Film Festival.

“The Tang KiddiCine Film Festival was born out of our curiosity to see the world through the eyes of those who live with limitless possibilities,” says Cynthia Icasas, Beverage Category Manager of Kraft Foods Philippines. “Tang may be the brand that lent them this opportunity but in truth, we are the ones who borrow from their infinite imagination.”

Mika, Mia, Ronn-Jeoff, Luke and Kendrick, started on their once-in-a-lifetime journey last October by landing ‘Golden Tickets’ which allowed them to participate in workshops held by some of the country’s best independent film and commercial directors: Erin Pascual, Matthew Rosen, Ianco Dela Cruz, Christian Acuna and Richard Ang.

Through the workshops, finalists learned basic filming techniques, script-writing and gained priceless insight into film making. And with the guidance of their mentor directors, finalists were able to share their stories in a well-produced short film, each of them having a different and unique story to tell.

Mia Azurin, directed and took the lead role in her very own, “The Impossible Wish”. Her younger sister Mika Azurin, on the other hand awarded lead roles to her toys in her film entitled, “Not So Bad Villain”. Luke Acosta recounted his tale using his very own clay-model creations in his film, “My Special Gift”.  Ronn-Jeoff Beltran went back to the time of dinosaurs with his movie “Cody’s Cretaceous Dream”. Kendrick Santos promoted being everyday heroes for the environment with his film entitled, “Because I Can, I Will”.

“The five short films that were debuted are no less than awe-inspiring. On behalf of Tang and Kraft Foods Philippines and the team behind Tang KiddiCine, I extend my deepest gratitude and most heartfelt congratulations to the five finalists for an excellent job,” says Icasas.

The Tang KiddiCine Film Fest concluded with the viewing of the five films at Gateway Mall Cinema 4, last Saturday with two screening schedules –one dedicated solely to the friends and family of the finalists and some select guests. It was also there that the five were awarded unique trophies in recognition of their participation in the first-ever Tang KiddiCine Film Festival.

Followers of the Tang KiddiCine page on Facebook were also given the chance to be a part of the film fest. By commenting on the online poster on the Tang KiddiCine page, they received limited edition tickets to the special screening for free.

For more information on the screening process for Tang KiddiCine, visit www.facebook.com/tangkiddicine or search for Tang KiddiCine on Facebook for more details.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Your Own LV and Gucci Bags

An original LV or Gucci Bag cost more than my monthly income and personally I wouldn't buy one for me.  But I would definitely love to own one and if there is a chance for me to get it for free then I'd grab the opportunity right away.

What if I tell you that you can own a Gucci or LV bag for free all you have to do is register here and wait for the announcement on March 2011!